Diesel Industry Forklift

The R series forklift is the upgrading model with outstanding design, it provides more operating comfort, more reliable and more intelligent options, that can meet customers application demands.


LPG Industry Forklift

The R series forklift is engineering for the driver. Royal engineers have focused on improving the comfort and safety for R series forklifts, with lower noise levels, less vibration, more safety, and every small detail carefully designed prepared for the driver.


Electric Industry Forklift

The welcome R series electric forklift for customer who take care of the environment and high performance of AH range with finger-tip(option), high capacity battery is available to customer.


2WD Rough Terrain Forklift

Power shift transmission with jaw type 100% differential lock provides ultimate traction during inclement weather conditions and rough operating surface.Industrial tyres with a wide footprint giving it greater stability and lift capacity in rough work environments.


4WD Rough Terrain Forklift

Offer greater maneuverability and keep the machine moving in the roughest of applications.Wide-view mast provides excellent through the mast visibility improving the work efficiency and allowing safe operation of the forklift.A superior full floating overhead guard is installed with rubber damping instead of the traditional rigid design. This greatly reduces machine vibration and offers a smoother ride over rough terrain and reduces operator fatigue.


Full Electric Powered Warehouse Equipment

The innovative AC system offers strong power, accurate control and excellent performance.High strength vertical gearbox provides reliable uptime.Emergency reverse belly button protects the operator from getting hurt. Emergency disconnector will cut off power source to avoid accident when the truck goes out of control. Anti-rolling back brake keeps the truck from skidding down when truck is out of control or travelling on ramp.


Semi Electric and Manual Warehouse Equipment

Ideal for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores and warehouse as well as factory plants.Reliable, robust and durable due to its extremely strong high quality steel profile, perfect powder coating and painting quality which is resistant to chip and corrosion.


Scissors AWP Aerial Working Platform

Superior controller system achieves full proportional controlled driving and lifting, makes the machine more stable and efficiency. 25% gradeability makes Royal scissor platform able to work in most working condition.The steering wheels are able to steering on one pot, reduce the turning radius , so Royal scissor platform can work in narrow space.